Why You Should Use a Travel Agent

Expert Vacation Advice

If you have ever tried to book a vacation that consists of more than a flight and a hotel, you know that you can spend hours researching all of your options. We can sift through the multitude of options available for you, and also have access to products not available to the general public. We also make sure your travel needs are covered, including reviewing your passport and visa requirements, transportation, and we specialize in assisting those with any kind of mobility concerns, such as seniors and disabled travelers. We can save you time, money, and the frustration of booking for yourself.

Personalized Experience

Your unique needs and desires are taken into consideration when planning your trip. Need to plan a group trip for a family reunion? Want to ensure your hotel is close to a specific attraction? Need to ensure that the tour you want to take can accommodate both the your family with a stroller as well as the senior with a cane who has difficulty with stairs? We do the research and remove the guesswork.


Which cruise going to the Western Caribbean best suits your lifestyle? What are the best times to travel where you can still enjoy the weather while avoiding peak period crowds? What is the best method(s) of transportation to visit multiple European cities? Is there adequate time to make your connection if you require mobility assistance at the airport? 

You could spend hours researching your trip, trying to figure out if you are going to get the best value for your money, and if the accommodations and activities suit your expectations. We use our knowledge of your destination and combine it with your needs to put together the best package for you. We know what comes highly recommended, and what looks great online but should just be avoided. 

Value For Your Money

It is a common misconception that booking through a travel agent will cost more money. If you book online yourself, you are still paying for the services of a travel agent – your travel agent is just a faceless voice in a call centre nowhere near you. The biggest difference though, is that travel agents have access to group specials, due to the networks we are part of. So, we may also be able to get you a room upgrade, resort/cruise ship credits, amenity packages, etc, that would not be available if you booked the trip yourself.

Note: For AIRLINE ONLY bookings, we do charge a small fee per ticket, due to the very low or non-existent commissions paid. We waive this fee for vacation packages where airfare is combined with hotels, cruises and/or other vacation tours.

We Have Your Back

It only takes one trip where something goes wrong to realize the importance of travel insurance! We can help you get the coverage you need in case the unexpected happens. We are also available to assist you in making alternate arrangements in the event of something like a cancelled flight – just call us to make the arrangements while you watch the other displaced passengers stand in long lineups to rebook.

You’re More Than a Reservation Number

We care about your vacation and want to ensure you have a fantastic experience. We won’t recommend products or schedules that don’t suit your needs, just because it’s the cheapest option. 

You will receive a personalized itinerary for your travels that can be printed out ahead of time, or can be accessed through an app on your smartphone. This app also gives you the ability to contact us during your trip, through a messenger app, or through phone or email.

We will also be in touch before or during your vacation, in case a situation occurs or is imminent at your destination, such as a hurricane or earthquake, or any other travel advisory that might affect your trip. We can discuss alternate arrangements to avoid the area, or, if it occurs while you are away, we can help to get you back home as quickly as possible.

Reassurance For Anxious Travelers

Your itinerary will have all of your travel details on it (we can also include things you plan on your own, such as the time and address of an afternoon visit with relatives), so you don’t have to worry about keeping track of multiple confirmation numbers, addresses, and other important information. When available, we can also provide you with handy guidelines for what to expect along the way, such as how to navigate the airport, what to pack, and what the local culture is like.

This is especially important when one or more of your travelers has mobility concerns, as the usual processes might look different, especially for transportation assistance in places like the airport. Knowing what to expect ahead of time means you will be much more relaxed, and can enjoy your trip more.


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